I'm Not Spam :-(

I’m trying to make a new post to the forum and I’m getting this message:

"Your post seems to be a spam.

Below is the content of your post: (…)"

Do you know why? My post doesn’t have any url’s, it’s only text (technical question about integration with Bootstrap).


The first 3 posts of a new member are checked for some stop words so it could be that you used one of those words…


Thanks. And where I can find which are those stop words ?

You cannot, they are not available to the public…

You are on your second post, one more, and then your posts will not be checked anymore, at that time please make your post and put here the link to it, so that I can check which word was stopping the posting…

Ok, thx, I will try

I have had to wait 24h, as a new user I can’t make more than 3 posts in one day… :_(

Finally: http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php/topic/39162-integration-with-jquery-bootstrap/


Thanks for your report

Problem was that we where searching any occurences of certain words regardless if they where part of some other words (for example dating in updating)…

I changed that code now so it should work better for the future…

sorry for your trouble.

Same problem here… In my try of first post I try to post an extension… But, well… I suppost just I have to wait.

I did not understand if you could not create an extension on the Yii extension pages or make a forum post?

To be able to create an extension you need first to make a post on the forum… this is needed to prevent spam as we had problems before by spammers creating an extension just to fill it with spam.

i am not able to post any question. whatever i post it is going to spam,what should i do?

reword your question… the first posts that new users make are checked against most common SPAM words and if there is any of those words the post is not allowed. Also in your fist posts you cannot post links to other sites, you can only post links to yiiframework.com

check the guidelines for posting - http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php/topic/19451-guidelines-for-posting-in-this-forum/