i'll be making a job interview tomorrow, any suggestion?

tomorrow my boss wants me to make some job interviews to fill a programmer position in my company.

Do you guys have any suggestion about some tricky questions i could ask?

any evil suggestion is much appreciated!

If you’re not done with the interviews yet, I’m not sure I would go for the evil approach. Why look for tricky questions when what you need is probably someone who can solve regular problems?

I know I never like an interview where the interviewer tries to trick me. You can learn just as much and maybe more from a candidate by being straight forward and treating him as an equal instead of taking it out on him for all the painful interviews you’ve had in the past like some people do.

I would say think of what you need the guy to do and know and find corresponding questions.

Just my two cents ;) I just think the world would be a better place if interviews weren’t something one dreaded as much as we currently do ;)

Be good :)

Nevertheless, some people are better talkers than workers, others better workers than talkers… always check for experience portfolio and some check at their code. You will soon realize if it is a talker or a worker.

done with the interviews… 1 liked one out of 7. two of them where just talkers, and one of them was just too arrogant (and made some rookie mistakes like talking trash about his boss)

i don’t think i was too evil imho, and anyway there was one of my colleagues that was playing the good cop :P