IDE for Yii development

Hi All,

Does anybody finds one of the IDEs out there, especially suitable for Yii development?


I am using NetBeans and it’s been great

I’m using NetBeans, too…

it’s greta especially when creating projects… and to work with SVN/GIT…

Some time ago, I used Zend, but It was soooo slooooow… But, after trying in Netbeans I do not change it back.

I’m using Netbeans as well…more related discussion in this topic:

I use Netbeans too. Its pretty good except that the code navigator doesn’t show parent methods yet. It’ll be a huge boost to productivity if it does that.

NetBeans is very nice and I like it, but it is slow. All java/eclipse based IDEs are slow (Zend, PDT, NetBeans…) IMHO.

I use PhpED and I can’t see a reason to change it right now.

I’m using Aptana Studio 3.

I use netbeans too. You can find how to configure it, to better work with yii, here

What’s so portable about that lobster IDE?

It just sounds like marketing speak to me… Doesn’t really do much to increase confidence.

No you don’t.

You develop it.

I just noticed that you just submitted a wiki entry about Codelobster.

Which I reported as being purely advertisement. ;)

I googled you - and it looks like you are posting all over the internet about <name-removed-by-me>.

350 results in Bing…

You are affiliated with that project, so why hide it?

What’s the difference between you and other lousy spammers?

If you have a great product, let the product speak, instead of risking ruining it by cheap SEO tricks.

Or, like one of the moderators in the geeksandgods forum put it:

netbeans is awesome, code completion aside, check out the diff feature


@ clod

Whoever you may be, I have disabled your wiki since it does provide any real value. This is how a valueable wiki about an IDE can look like - you are free to give it a new try…

@ jacmoe

Thanks for reporting.

@ Topic

I use phpDesigner. It’s not free though. Only thing missing for me is code-folding, but that’s coming soon the developer says.

Sorry for this is off topic but this Wiki does not look like a normal Wiki that I know. Is it a Yii application written for Wiki usage?


The wiki is part of the Yii website, which is powered by the Yii Framework.


There some interesting things in CodeLobster Yii support you can possible elaborate for us here in this topic.

From my review there are the following features:

not so useful

Ability to create project automatically installing Yii framework — it’s OK to do it with yiic webapp since it’s one time thing.

common for all modern IDEs

Context and Dynamic help. Actually it can’t be compared to one in, for example, Netbeans or PhpStorm.

Interesting ones

These are really interesting for Yii developers.

Autocomplete for path aliases. Is it supported in Yii::getPathOfAlias, Yii::import only or config is also supported?

Autocomplete for Behaviors. Example provided in official description is about attachBehavior. That’s rarely used method of attaching behaviors. Does IDE support other methods such as behaviors() method of the component?

Controller/View navigation — good one.

  1. Descriptions at Yii website aren’t different from ones provided in PHPDoc code in each framework class. Well, of course, if it provides quotes from the guide it’s different.

  2. So it works in the following main.php config:










  1. attachBehavior is used very rare. Common way to attach behavior is the following:

see behaviors method.

  1. In Yii you can define as much path aliases as you want using Yii::setPathOfAlias in addition to standard ones. So to make it better you can parse for setPathOfAlias(‘’, ‘path here’). There is a difficulty because often things like dirname(FILE) or another getPathOfAlias. Another solution is to provide a form where one can define aliases by hand.