I really like Yii2


I have been coding for over 30 years, but I just started using PHP about three years ago for a Drupal project.

I had an unexpected need to built a custom web application last year and when faced with choosing a framework, I gave up and just wrote the application from scratch. It was very time consuming, but I was afraid of making the wrong choice and completely screwing myself.

I have to write another web application this year and I decided to spend the time finding the right framework for me.

My first choice was Laravel. I spent some time watching the videos and coding some examples. It is a good framework, but I ran into some problems where I couldn’t find a good way to accomplish what I needed. I was also disappointed that it doesn’t have client-side forms validation (if it does, I couldn’t find it) and Twitter Bootstrap isn’t built-in. Sure, there are extensions to do such things, but these are things I felt should be part of the base framework and I didn’t want to waste my time trying to get those things to work well together.

I investigated a few other options and then tried Yii2. I really, really like Yii2. I wanted to use Twitter Bootstrap and it’s built in. I wanted client-side forms validation and it’s built in. And both are very well integrated with the forms model.

I have always just written my own SQL. I knew I should be using an object model, but I was concerned it would get in the way. Well, I really like Yii’s object model. Every time I think that I’m going to have to write raw SQL because I can’t get the model to do what I want, I read through the documentation and find an easy way to do it.

Another thing I like about Yii2 is that if feels “simple”. It does almost everything I need without making me jump through hoops to get there. I don’t find myself thinking the framework is taking more time than it’s saving.

Thank you!


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You’ve just reminded me how I fell in love with Yii, although it was 1.1 then and the other framework that I had tried before Yii had been CodeIgniter. :D

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same with me. I was developing windows applications and had really hard time with PHP until I met Yii. It made me think that you can actually build something good with PHP. And i am also proud that I’m using yii almost right after the first public release :D .

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I believe its a matter of personal taste…

I don’t think you can get a laravel dev to switch to yii just like this. the same would apply to us.

and the framework which was here among the first and has its community already would continue to be supported by its community unless some shitty things happen maybe.

i like yii and i did made some research about laravel. personally i dont like the convention they use on laravel… probably because im used to yii :)

and from what i heard there are many ways to do a single thing in laravel, but what’s the point? it would just promote messy codes as each dev can use their way to do a task

All the frameworks are great to work.It is your personal choice to work with whom.I love codeignetor because of its simplicity.

Hi Mike.

I love the way that Yii works, it almost time is very simple to use and implement things. I started to study Laravel and I liked then so much to. About the twitter bootstrap on the laravel 5 it comes with it by default. To use on Laravel put @extends(‘app’) @section(‘content’) and @endsection (on the end of your template document). On the laravel 5.1 unfortunately you need install many things to use a bootstrap by default or crate a template by your hand (I made this way).

On my job I try use laravel, because it seems work better them Yii. Cause… Yii do not work fine with oracle. The extension oci_pdo.so don’t work. On laravel they created a library that make Oracle run without this damn php extension.

Like Isabella told, all frameworks are grate.

I learned Django before but got hit on a brick wall when I wanted to host it on a cheap hosting service. They only provide php on the server side, so I went looking for php frameworks and ended up with Yii 2. The structure is pretty much the same and yii helps me on learning php on the way also. I haven’t seen other php based web frameworks like laravel, cakephp, etc… but I really like Yii so far.

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We like Yii too ;D