I have a wierd question

Is this forum made in Yii? I check the IPS website, but couldn’t tell.

Just curious ;D

As it says in the footer, the forum is powered by IP.Board. I’m sure Qiang could write a forum in Yii, but why reinvent an already perfectly round wheel?

I saw that jonah. I just was currious if IP.Board (IPS) had uses Yii in it’s creatation.


probably not, IP.Board has a long history, even before Yii. it’s one of the best (if not the best ;) ) forum solutions out there :)


ahh I wonder why this site is using a commercial forum, while it can use a free one like SMF or phpBB :P

If you’ll ever have to deal with setting up AND administering a community forum you’ll know. Sure free solutions can be customized to act almost like the top payed ones (ipb and vbulletin) but all the little things & details that you need to fix/customize/enhance add up and eat your valuable time. It’s simply not worth it.

On top of it, it seems that users find ipb & vbulletin easier to use and more intuitive. ;)

Also check this:



I see… I’ve never setup those free ones yet. :)