HTML titles of the Class Reference

I was wondering if the <title> tags of the Class Reference could be changed from

Yii PHP Framework Class Reference - CLinkPager


CLinkPager - Yii PHP Framework Class Reference

I have several tabs open from time to time, and then I only see “Yii PHP Framework Class Reference - C…” on several tabs, which doesn’t help to grasp which tab is which.

Fixed. Thanks!

Nice one… :)

Cool, thanks.

While we’re at it: Qiang, could we get a link besides each headline in the guide, to make linking to subsections easier? I always have to check the code to create detail links.

So instead of this:

<h2 id="database-optimization">Database Optimization</h2>

this would be nice (style provided for your convenience ;) ):

<a href="" style="float:right; color:#ccc; font-size:.8em">link</a>

<h2 id="database-optimization">Database Optimization</h2>

Nice! Thank you for fixing it, this will make developing with Yii even easier than it already was! :D