How to use widgets of menuitems


I’m a newbie of YII.

I want to utilize a foreign link on my site, how to make it work.

The link is like the YII home page, the link is Development

The code of HTML is shown below:

<li class="development"><a class="main" href="">Development</a>

Please help me found out the reasons, thanks.



    'brandLabel' =&gt; 'YII',

    'brandUrl' =&gt; Yii::&#036;app-&gt;homeUrl,

    'options' =&gt; [

        'class' =&gt; 'navbar-inverse navbar-fixed-top',



&#036;menuItems = [

    ['label' =&gt; 'Home', 'url' =&gt; ['/site/index']],

    ['label' =&gt; 'About', 'url' =&gt; ['/site/about']],

    ['label' =&gt; 'Contact', 'url' =&gt; ['/site/contact']],

    ['label' =&gt; 'Notes', 'url' =&gt; ['/notes/index']],


if (Yii::&#036;app-&gt;user-&gt;isGuest) {

    &#036;menuItems[] = ['label' =&gt; 'Signup', 'url' =&gt; ['/site/signup']];

    &#036;menuItems[] = ['label' =&gt; 'Login', 'url' =&gt; ['/site/login']];

    &#036;menuItems[] = ['label' =&gt; 'Development', 'link' =&gt; '','linkOptions' =&gt; array('target' =&gt; '_blank')];


} else {

    &#036;menuItems[] = [

        'label' =&gt; 'Logout (' . Yii::&#036;app-&gt;user-&gt;identity-&gt;username . ')',

        'url' =&gt; ['/site/logout'],

        'linkOptions' =&gt; ['data-method' =&gt; 'post']



echo Nav::widget([

    'options' =&gt; ['class' =&gt; 'navbar-nav navbar-right'],

    'items' =&gt; &#036;menuItems,




I use the code above, however, there is no link but open a new window.

“The https is deleted, for I’m a newbie and don’t have access to use link”

$menuItems[] = ['label' => 'Development', 'url' => '','linkOptions' => ['target' => '_blank']];

It works.

Thank you very much.