How to Spend Free Time

Hi All,

Most of people, as Consider, related to computer field, as said to be Not Humans As they spent most of their time even holidays in using Computer.

Programmers are well stated as Computer Worms and are also know as Machines

is it true that people who are related to programming or development does not make fun?

Hello, quit true cos most of the time my wife complain about my time on the system and have no time for her :( ,even my mum and sisters too. :huh: :huh:

Depends on what do you mean about fun… I spent 15 years of my life working on night clubs, I even managed them in Ibiza, the so called ‘party Island’. I found out that sometimes is much more fun to learn something constructive and allow creativity to find other ways of exposure than do what youngsters believe is fun.

Computer worm? Yes thank you…

I love programming, and it makes me happy, so for me it is fun :)

Because of my programming job, I earn money. So me and my friends (and my beautiful girlfriend ;)) can have fun! :lol:

Dedicated is different from being boring. I am a dedicated programmer, and yet I am a fun-loving person! Any person can be boring, not just us ‘computer worms’. For me, those people that does not know how to have fun are my college school’s librarians :lol:

thanks for response.

Fun is not just shouting, music or playing with girlfriend. It might be something that makes you happy. Time is passing out like the breeze. It makes us to care and to share and enjoy.

My most of time is passed out doing some kind of stuff either useful or not. I have to teach the children, have to go to Office, have to manage my websites(3 right now with over 8K users) and also have to do some more enhancement to the software being used and developed by me.

All this is currently making me bit bore.

No way to run away.