how to record my desktop

Hi community,

I would like to record some stuff of my laptop’s desktop into a video format. Can anyone suggest me an appropriate software to do that. The video format is not that important as far as I can play it over and over. The ones I checked are useless as they generate 20GB data for only like 20 minutes. I would appreciate any suggestions.



Hi bettor,

I’ve used CamStudio (because it’s free) and sometimes Wink to make presentations (it’s not really recording…).


Hi Raoul,

I tried camstudio but it takes insane amount of space. Is it the same with you? Maybe there is a setting to compress the data that I don’t know about…?

Try Camtasia.

Looks promising. I will give it a try.



I had used VirtualDub and could compress with a good ratio … I agree that camtasia is really great (but not free).