How To Do A Functional Test For A Big Website

Hi guys!

I’ve a bit problem. I am an owner of website that is under a full redesign process (design & refactoring of source code). The website is really very huge (lots of links by one page, lots of ajax boxes embeded into a single page). I am wondering how to prepare a properly functional tests for this website.

I don’t want to use automated testing methods by applications like Selenium (we have been re-designing this website without this kind of automated scenarios and now it’s a bit to late to prepare correctly lots of them).

I’ve an access to a group of testers so a hand-made testing is not a problem. My problem is how to prepare a document that I’ll be able to share among those testers and it’ll be working properly (they’ll know what to do and how to do).

Do you have any experience to that? Maybe somebody has a draft of document that may helps to get idea how to do that?

Finally I decided to write a test scenario for each area that has to be tested. The scenario has to be checked manually by a tester. If there is a problem the tester has to notice it to step where he met the problem.

have a look at

If managing of manual test cases is the problem, TestRail maybe will help you to get things done:

Thanks! I’ve heard about that. It looks like a really great tool. For sure I am going to check it.