Hhvm And Hack

Source: http://hhvm.com

Yii has this compatibility score:

Latest -> 99.8%

Best recent -> 99.9%

It would be nice to reach 100% compatibility.

Moreover there’s Hack, a new programming language for HHVM: http://hacklang.org

I believe CeBe put some serious effort into getting Yii 2.0 fit for HHVM.

Whats the chances of Yii v1 would be 100% compatible for HHVM?

Will try to test and check it out when i will be able to install it on my Debian box.

Currently it’s 99.8% compatible and the things that are currently failing are quite common among frameworks so I think these would be fixed by HHVM team.


Any update on this? I ask because the hhvm still holds yii at 99.8/9%. Yii is my absolute go-to framework. I’ve tried others, played with zend and down and Yii is hands down the most efficient and reliable framework I’ve ever used. Plus, it’s awesome being able to on-board new developers in a week or two (zend could never provide that).

I’m really enjoying yii2 beta - and, as an architect/lead dev/sys admin/sales engineer for a large and quickly growing software company that provides services to many state, federal, and private applications, I want to make sure that we can scale efficiently. It’s for this reason that I’m considering adding HHVM to my stack. I’m impressed and convinced by the data provided and it hurts my brain that yii isn’t in the 100% supported list.

I realize this may not be entirely yii’s fault - but can I request expediting that 100% marker? I can set up a goto meeting between somebody at yii and somebody at hhvm if that’s what’s required. I don’t imagine it would take much to get us over that hump. Considering the importance of what my team develops, I can’t commit to either currently and I’m uncertain as to my next step (we have a new large state application in the works and I want to work yii2/hhvm into it if it’s at all applicable with the yii2 beta timeline – and judging by my experience with the remarkably stable yii2 beta, it is).

So, I guess what I’m asking is - is hhvm 100% on the horizon for yii team at all, or are we all waiting on HHVM to fix the problems on their end? Who should I bug ;) ? How can I help?

I can’t quote you (bad perms), but good link! Thank you!