Help IRC Support Channel to grow!

Hey there!

I’m new to Yii and I’m liking it very much. Beside it’s documentation lacks some content, it’s still a growing community, but Yii is a great and strong framework, it has all chances to be a very popular framework.

As in almost every framework, there’s an IRC channel #yii on FreeNode (, but few people there yet, still growing. I dunno who maintains the channel, anyway, I’m inviting you all to join it, help and get helped! The more people helping there, the more people being helped.

You can find more about IRC here:

Freenode is a network most used by developers, you can find more about it here:

You’ll need an IRC Client to access it. Most used clients are mIRC (Windows - and XChat (Win/Linux - You can find more about IRC Clients here:

So let’s grow this channel together! That’s all, thanks!

Been looking around for this irc channel information, I wonder why its not posted on the main Yii website?

Just visited the channel…


Not many people even reply to a simple question… is this the official IRC Channel… still no answer… I wonder how long it would take to get a programming problem or doubt to be solved…[/s]

Pretty good… I am in…