Help i need change code pdo to controller

    $query = Yii::$app->db->createCommand
    g.ID , g.UID , u.Username , u.auth_roles_id, 
    g.BOT_Level, g.displayName , g.Is_BOT, g.Game , g.Data , g.Amount , 
    g.Type , g.Status , g.Created_At 
    FROM gameroom as g 
    LEFT JOIN user as u ON g.UID = u.ID 
    WHERE g.Status = 1 
    ORDER BY g.Created_At ASC

    while ($row = $query->fetch_object()) {

Have you tries this?

Since “$query” is a list of associative arrays (returned from queryAll), you need to change “while ($row = $query->fetch_object()) {” to “foreach($query as $row) {”. Each variable “$row” is an associative array.