Happy Sysadmin Day!

In case you haven’t noticed: Today is the 13th annual system administrator appreciation day. Perfect opportunity to give him/her a hug ;)


I think the hostages were Developers and they prey for not to rescue,

bcoz as long as they are hostages they had not to work… :D

Oh, is it this day again? It certainly is. Happy sysadmin day, folks! If there is nobody around: Give yourself a nice pat on the back. You know you deserve it ;)

Today I had to reboot the system because of a god dxxned tomcat …

Btw, how do you pat you on your own back?

If you’re not able to do so anatomically, I’d take it as a sign to flex more often. In any case, you are free to pat yourself metaphorically on the back ;)

You know. It’s that day again.

In a far east country of Japan, the last Friday of July has almost ended.

One of the sub systems failed to start running because of an unknown issue, but somehow we could manage to run it within half an hour.

One of the client machines got freezed, probably because of a bad sector in its hard disk drive. I rebooted it and it seems running fine at least for the moment.

A printing trouble has been cured by rebooting the virtual machine that holds the print queue.

Manually gathered software inventory from about 40 clients.

A relatively happy day for a sysadmin. :)