Hall of Fame points system

Does anyone know how the "Hall of fame" board and points system was put together?

I would really like to replicate this system in a forum I maintain for an open source Yii project at zurmo.org. Since I use the same IPS Community Forum software I wonder if there is an Add-in for this?

If anyone knows anything I would be grateful for your help!

There is no add-on for this… and the yii point system does not work only on forum data… it takes into account the number of posts a user has on the forum but even number of extensions a user has posted, number of wiki articles written, number of likes made on his extensions/wikis… and so on… so it’s an algorithm made for the yiisite :D

Many thanks for the response, having looked at it a little further I suspected this would be the case so thank you for confirming!!

Its a shame I cannot use it on our projects website, i woudl love to have something similar. At least I can congratulate you for a cool and innovative approach to gamification within the community!