Google Summer of Code 2010

Ok, I know it’s early (about 8 months so), but it might be good for the administrators to be thinking about this.

I’m a student developer with Google Summer of Code ( If you haven’t heard of it, the basic concept is that Google pays college students to develop with an open source organization as a summer job. Google approves a list of organizations that apply, and then those organizations review applications from students, and assign ‘mentors’ to work with the ones they choose.

I think organization applications are sometime in February, but I would love to see Yii in this next year (and maybe work with it) :)

Yii is getting more and more popular. We certainly will consider to participate in Google Summer of Code. There are many interesting things that we can do with Yii. Of course, you are very welcome to propose your ideas here.

I don’t have any ideas yet; then again, I haven’t looked too hard into the internals of Yii, as I’m still just learning to use it :)

… but I do feel that one thing Yii lacks that other framework have is it’s number of extensions. There’s quite a few things I’ve been working on that I wish I had time to make into an extension.

The new project site will have better support to share extensions. As documentation evolves, it will be much easier to write extensions for Yii.

And I didn’t mention Zii, in which official extensions will be released. So stay tuned, Yii is getting mature.

Zii? Awesome :)