Hi guys. :)

I am on Google+, and so is some of you.

To make it easier to find each other, why don’t we share our Google+ profile links here?

This is my Google profile:

Jacob Moen

Noone uses Google+ ? :)

I know that some of you do.

I have a circle called ‘Yii Framework Circle’ which contains 32 people:

Do I miss anyone?

It would also be a good idea to create a Yii Framework page IMO.

Samdark? Mdomba?

It is possible to assign more than one admin, fortunately.

To really benefit from this, it would be necessary to modify the HTML code for the Yii homepage and add the G+ button to it.

That should eventually lead to Yii Framework being verified.

But the main reason why I am wondering if you are on Google+ is simply because it would be cool meeting you there. :D

Facebook is so yesteryear, people… :P

Yeah, well. I’m not even on fb. Almost signed up for G+. But then my co-worker got too pushing, so I closed the brwoser tab.

I was never on FB - actually started using it so and so after G+ - but it never took off.

The only friends I have is my (boring) family and one I know from Ogre3d.

I have no idea what to do with it, to be honest. B)

5 friends (IIRC) and 4 posts (?)…

G+, on the other hand, is really me. :lol:

Nice, thanks for sharing the circle, just added it to my own. G+ all the way.

I ve also never been to fb before and have been to G+, but i thought it was also unnecessary, meaning, just another social network so i left. But if it could be turned into a Yii developer’s meeting point so i’d surely go back to there :))

To me Google+ and Facebook are two totally different products. I think Google+ is more of a social network than Facebook because it actually encourages it’s users to socialize. It’s full of intelligent people and I have lots of fun discussions and little chit-chats on it. I haven’t posted on the Yii forums before see I can’t embed links, but here is my Google+ profile:

Great Idea would be nice to meat up on google plus. here is mine