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Good WYSIWYG editor

(Giovanni Rocchini) #1

Hello everybody,

before starting, I know that there is not the best WYSIWYG editor.

Someone love CKEditor, someone TinyMCE, someone Redactor.

Well, i need something more…

I need a WYSIWYG editor like the one in WordPress, so that give me the possibility to upload file and images and give me some additional tools.

Eg, i like the custom function of Wordpress to choose multiple image and create a gallery, even with modify of the gallery.

And, other request, i need that an user can access only to his files. I was thinking to create a folder for each user and set it as root for the editor, so that the user can access only to his folder.

Does anybody know a good WYSIWYG editor to do all this things?


(Oligalma) #2

You should use http://www.responsivefilemanager.com to have the ability to upload files and images. It’s completely free. It can integrate with both tinymce and ckeditor. I already used it with tinymce with great results