Give suggestion - Creating a Firefox extension for Yii

[font="Arial"][size="2"] [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] Hi

I’m gonna create a Firefox extension for Yii, Wht do you think about this project?

What features can I add in the extension ?

Please tell me your ideas and your suggestions to improve a useful add-on.



nice to hear that … i cannot come up with a good idea but maybe

  • debug tool for yii (umm let say to show every instance on the page).

  • class reference.

good luck :)

I like this idea, it could have a test and resources search and …

It would be awesome if you could detect the model,controller and view on the URL and give a link to edit the source code.

I waste a LOT of time doing trivial things like browsing the directory structure to edit it on Notepad++


when the URL is index.php/user/edit show a button to edit:

-Model "user" under protected/models

-Controller "user" under protected/controllers

-View "edit" under protected/views/user

-List of views under protected/views/user