git and yiidoc

I recently made some pull requests for Japanese translations of the guide and the blog tutorial in github and they’ve got merged into the master.

And this is what I’ve found from my experience:

  • It’s fairly easy to work with git+github


  • Not much knowledge required to accomplish the basic tasks

  • Looks quite handy when you have accustomed to it

  • But you may find some psychological wall until you have made your first pull request

[*]Good things

  • More open than before


  • We see more people contributing (not only in doc translations)

[*]More fast release of doc translations

  • We can now provide the up-to-date guide translation when the new version is released.

  • What we could provide with the old system has been limited to the one before the latest.



  • We need syncguide and syncblog tools for git workflow


[*]We may need some reviewing process for translations

  • There’s no language specific members in the project

  • For example, my pull requests has been merged by Quiang Xue and mdomba respectively. But I don’t think that they could effectively review my work … This is not a complaint to the dev team at all, but I just wanted to point out a possible problem.

  • As for the moment, this seems not a very big problem to us Japanese users. Fortunately (or unfortunately in fact), we’ve got not very much active users who would want to contribute in the Japanese translation. :(



I’d like to hear from other guys with different languages. :rolleyes:

I agree with you… the language review is currently a problem (or not)…

for now we just merge all the languages translation requests without checking (if it’s one that we don’t understand)… the idea is that other developers that know that language will notice if there is any error and repair it or open a new issue.

I think it’s not an urgent issue.

I knew that … both of you were so quick to merge my PR. :D

I agree. Sounds reasonable.

Thanks for feedback. We should really move all the documentation infrastructure into the main repository and update tools. Too bad there are only 24 hours a day…

Thank you. I always appreciate the excellent work of yours, the dev team of our Yii.

This issue has been solved recently.

We’ve got now “build translations report” command.

I tested it on my desktop and it worked great.

(Note that you have to execute the command in a git working repository, and you should set git executable path to "PATH" environment. The command uses git to check the versions and the differences of the sources and the translations.)

Thanks samdark.

Thanks. Added note about PATH to wiki:

I think the best solution for now is just merge all the languages translation requests without checking and than contact to an experienced professional whoa can figure out this.