functional test for login action

(Masihfathi) #1

i write a simple functional test for login action but i get the error:

[Error] Call to a member function get() on null

i actually login to the app by the login form but when i run tests it gets error.


public function internalLoginById(\FunctionalTester $I) {



    $I->see('Logout (admin)');


login action work with table user:


   public static function findIdentity($id) {

        return static::findOne(['id' => $id, 'status' => self::STATUS_ACTIVE]);


(Alexander Makarov) #2

Please post full error including message, file, line, whole stacktrace. Else it’s not possible to guess the reason.

(Masihfathi) #3

user table implement Identity Interface and properly work in actual scenario but in test scenario i got the below error

the full error in terminal is :

LoginFormCest: Internal login by id

 Test  tests/functional/LoginFormCest.php:internalLoginById


  [Error] Call to a member function get() on null  


Scenario Steps:

 3. $I->amOnPage("/") at tests/functional/LoginFormCest.php:16

 2. $I->amLoggedInAs(1) at tests/functional/LoginFormCest.php:15

 1. $I->amOnPage({"0":"site\/login","language":"en"}) at tests/functional/LoginFormCest.php:6

#1  /var/www/html/basic/vendor/yiisoft/yii2/base/Widget.php:139

#2  /var/www/html/basic/views/site/index.php:108

#3  /var/www/html/basic/vendor/yiisoft/yii2/base/View.php:328

#4  /var/www/html/basic/vendor/yiisoft/yii2/base/View.php:250

#5  /var/www/html/basic/vendor/yiisoft/yii2/base/View.php:152

#6  /var/www/html/basic/vendor/yiisoft/yii2/base/Controller.php:381

#7  /var/www/html/basic/controllers/SiteController.php:81

#8  app\controllers\SiteController->actionIndex

#9  /var/www/html/basic/vendor/yiisoft/yii2/base/InlineAction.php:57

#10 /var/www/html/basic/vendor/yiisoft/yii2/base/Controller.php:156

(Alexander Makarov) #4

No idea, sorry.

(Masihfathi) #5

thanks to the Alexander Makarov for checking this issue. finally i found the problem, the problem was in my config/test.php and configuration has the problem.