functional Codeception test unable to use componets like cache or solr

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I have set up codeception unit tests, which works on an simple example test.

Now I tried to build an simple functional test, which looks for an headline on an startpage. The test works on an dummy startpage, where I simply echo some HTML code.

But my "real" application page contains memcache-elements and an solr search.

If I run my functional test, like this:

class StartPageCest


    public function _before(\FunctionalTester $I)




    public function _after(\FunctionalTester $I)



    public function tryToTest(\FunctionalTester $I)


        $I->see('Hallo', 'h2');  



I get the Error

[Error] Call to a member function get() on null

on the following line of the actionIndex:

$result = Yii::$app->cache->get('site_index_result');

It looks like, the cache component is not available on codeception runtime. If I remove that line, the test stops with an similar error near the solr call.

My application config is in …config/web.php (basic template) and my test-config includes this application-config:

$config =  yii\helpers\ArrayHelper::merge(


        require(__DIR__ . '/web.php'),



        'id' => 'app-tests',  



return $config;

Any idea, why caching object is not available during functional codeception test?

Thank you.