ftp user

I am trying to create ftp users for centos server.

I manage to create one and connect to server but I can not set var/www as ftp folder and to upload there the files.How can I set ftp client to see var/www and upload there files?

Depends on which FTP deamon is used.

I set up vsftp,I follow also this guide trying to use /var/www as folder but without success.

I can connect via ftp but I can not upload files or even see the var/www folder via ftp

Permissions issue, it seems.

I set at vsftp.conf and I manage ftp user to see var/www at ftp client programm



Now I have these problems.I thing there are sub-folders at var/www,html folder etc that I can not see at ftp program and there is a 553 Could not create file. when I am trying to upload a file via ftp

I noticed that apache "home" is var/www.

Does it conflict with my user home that I set it at var/www and now I change it at var/www/html?

I read this

and someone writes

So I write at vsftpd config file


but then ftp server can not understand this command and can not restart.I have 2.2 version of vsftpd

What can I do for this?