Froala Editor - OEM License

Hallo guys.

I hope I can explain with my bad english what I want.

As I know the Russian Yii community has bought OEM License for Imperavi Redactor few years ago. Last Year Imperavi introduced their new Redactor II, with new conditions, so bought OEM License for Redactor was not more valid. There were some people who asked, if community want to buy Redactor II, but SamDark said, that he don’t want to do it anymore, coz of things like upload the updates etc. - it takes much time. And OEM License for the Framework would cost very much (about 3k-10k$)

This week I found another WYSIWYG HTML editor - Froala. It looks very modern and it works fast. The inline mode has blown me away! =) Just try it guys, it is very cool!

So here is my question to all of you: would you like to collect with me for the OEM License, so yii community can use another modern and updated WYSIWYG editor officially again?

Froala developers are so cool, that they have even PHP SDK, so that implementing of images and files uploads gonna be very simple.

They even implemented yii2 widget, so it is really simple to use it in your projects.

OEM License costs 799$, which allows to use it in SaaS products, in open source projects and many more. Yii Framework is actually open source project, right?

I’m thinking about 40 people, so everyone has to pay only 20$. And sure the more people we get the less money everyone should pay ;)

I hope we can do it together

P.s. Please google for “froala” to find the editor. This is my first post and I have no permissions to post any links <_<

Best regards, Eugen

You need to reach to froala developers and ask explicitly about how you want to do it and if it’s meant by the license i.e. “we want to buy license for an open source framework community and it will be used only with projects built using that framework”. Else there’s a possibility for misunderstanding.

Ok, I asked the support team:

And here is the answer:

So it should be no problem to get OEM License for the community. We just have to find people, who wants to pay it too…

@samdark: Я пытался два раза зарегистрироваться на русском форуме, но ничего не вышло. Я за 2 регистрации ни одного письма с активационной ссылкой не получил… хотел там тоже спросить, не хотят ли ребята скинуться (вроде желающие были), но не могу залогиниться… Можно как-то мой аккаунт активировать без ссылки?


Спасибо большое!


I would like to make assistance in purchase of OEM froala license :)