Frameworks vs CMS

I’m really confused about when to use a CMS (p.e. Joomla) or a framework (p.e Yii). I tried to code something in Joomla and I found it really difficult. However, I find coding in Yii like a dream, since I’ve always been able to do anything. What do you think, should I stick with Yii in all web projects or should I use Joomla sometimes?

CMS are tools ready to handle contents (with editor, acl, ecc…)

Frameworks are tools to develop a web app, and also CMS.

So if your need is to have a system to handle contents, choose a CMS.

If your need is to develop a generic and custom web app, choose a framework.

I see your point, but what if I start building a site with Joomla (because the customer only wanted contents) and later the costumer changes his mind and wants a new functionality that needs to be coded?

If you want to leverage your Yii knowledge and at the same time be able to work with a CMS then you have three choices (AFAIK):

  1. Buy a license for Craft:

  2. Join an existing open source CMS project powered by Yii.

  3. Roll up your sleeves and start cooking. Yii modules/extensions makes it easy to create a ready-to-go toolset.

I think that you will learn that option 3 isn’t all that impossible.

But I’ve heard good things about Craft.

I always say to my clients that if they choose to use a CMS, they have to take it as is, and what i can do at most is install available plugin.

I’ll never write custom code for a CMS. Maybe for Drupal, but now never I spent my time to customize a CMS, also because I think that most times the clients choose a CMS because they want spend no money.

If I was to choose a CMS - not powered by Yii - I would use Bolt:

It is powered by Symfony/Silex.

Joomla is horrible - even more cumbersome to customize/extend than Wordpress.

In my very humble opinion. ;)

I think that a CMS is like a bread baking machine: easy to get into, it can be used by n00bs and pros alike.

But if you change the recipe or try to make something other than bread…

A framework, on the other hand, is a fully stocked kitchen :lol:

Thank you for your answers. I think I will choose option 3 "Roll up your sleeves and start cooking". Craft PRO is $299, which I find slightly expensive.

What if the costumer wants an e-shop? As far as I know, there are no good Yii shops available…

Absolutely Magento.

Even for small e-shops? (Less than 100 products)

Magento in very simple to learn, but it is a very complete software.

I would use also for small e-shop (because we hope that it will grow rapidly…)

Take a look in [b]OpenCart…

[/b]its simple and easy[b]