Framework Benchmarks

Hello Yii-Community,

I hope this is a proper place to post this. I couldn’t find a real off-topic section.

Recently there were two rounds [1][2] of a cross-language/framework/whatever benchmark [3], which attracted quite some attention on hackernews [4]. I post this because the only php framework that got tested - besides raw php - was cake (which you all propably know is quite slow compared to other php frameworks - In fact, even I as a non php developer read that ;o)). Just wanted to let you know, maybe someone of you is interested to contribute yii to it.

No one will be able to win against the Java frameworks, but a comparison against django, rails, node and other php frameworks would be interesting.

Disclaimer: I have posted this also in the codeigniter irc … ;) … and I am not related to the guys behind the benchmarks - just a curious user.



[1] Round 1 -

[2] Round 2 -

[3] The Benchmark (you can run it on your own machine) -

[4] Hackernews -

Why on Earth would anyone never be able to win against Java frameworks ??

Java frameworks are hungry monsters which you will only use if your server has enough beef to support them. :)

I like PHP because you don’t have to feed it memory and CPU power to make it perform like a champ.

Sorry, I should have made that clearer. I mean no one will win against Java in the benchmarks, because the used hardware has enough beef to support them (some framework use 256 threads for database pooling…), and for example memory consumption is not measured as far as I know. ;o) What I wanted to achieve with the comment was that no one is put off by the distance to the Java frameworks. Performance is not everything. :) But a comparison against other php frameworks (or django/rails/node) is interesting nontheless. ^^

Fair enough - guess that we agree then. :)

Benchmarks are always interesting.

Indeed they are. :)

The benchmark guys have posted the results for round 3. This time with 10 PHP based Frameworks: