Forum system updated

Dear Yii Folks,

We have updated our forum to use IPB (Invision Power Board), thanks to Vadim for his generous contribution of the license to use IPB and his kind of help to help migrating the forum data.

If you find any problem in using this new forum system, please let us know. Most old forum data should be migrated to this new system correctly. We do expect that some attachments or uploads may have problem, however.

I appreciate the donation too.

Would it be possible to run a regex on the site (especially doc and tutorial comments) to change all the permalinks? In order to prevent this usability issue as soon as possible.

Please check this post.

  1. The term ‘[url]’ is appeared.

  2. Link is wrong.

Forum looks very nice now and more convenient in usage! Thank you!

All added extensions that provide a forum link for discussion, bug reporting etc, using the old format should be updated asap, as the new forum doesn’t recognize the old url format and that may frustrate a lot of new users.

Looks very nice! :)

Does the new system also have the “View messages since last visit” feature? Couldn’t find it yet.


Found it. It’s in the top right corner called “View new content”

Edit 2:

Is there a way to filter out some sections from the new messages like in the old forum?

Moreover, sites search results gives links to old forums…

New forum system is very nice. I like it.

Thanks to all for your comments. We will gradually resolve the problems you pointed out.

Just curious, why the change? There is no implied criticism here, I’m just curious.

Usability, Extensibility and ACP wise.

I tried to find that as well, without success so far. It’s quite strange that a $150 product lacks a feature that an open source forum has.

I also miss the filtering option.

Now my new content which is my forum’s homepage is filled with posts from languages I don’t understand

Also I think that the new forum is bigger (bigger font’s bigger blocks etc) taking much bigger space in the monitor and making harder to read, especially in the new content page

I agree with you

I haven’t been around for awhile. Loving the new look and feel!

And has tons of other features that all the open source forums doesn’t.

It’s a matter of getting used to.

Yeah, I can create folders for my private messages… w00t! Have you ever used that function?

Ignoring boards is a really long waited, yet very basic option. I can live without it, but I’d really miss it if I had to pay for IPB.

Am I getting crazy?

I don’t remember me setting a photo in my profile, but there’s one there? Where did it came from? It’s a new feature?

Probably you had an old one before. Is it even you in that photo? If not then it is strange. You can always remove that from your User CP.

Funny, it’s me, but it’s an old photo. I don’t even had this file anymore :blink: .

I’ve looked in my settings and there’s no photo there, very strange :blink:

Whatever, i like this photo =D

Congratulations, Invision Power Board is an excellent script!

Now you should fix the "migrations issues" and revamp the main site design (such a beautiful forum board and such an ugly header).