Forum RTL support

Dear Admins,

I have to mentioned that the forums doesn’t support RTL messages.

In the international section we come across problems in sending both Persian and English messages. I guess we have the same problem in Arabic and Hebrew because they need RTL support too.

I recommend using a better WYSWIG editor which support RTL or change the forum style.

In addition,I guess there is no Persian moderator in international section and this make Persian Yii users connection to Yii Developers a little hard. Hence , i suggest choosing a moderator through an election in Persian section.Also I can be a candidate.

Thank you very much

Best Regards,

Bamdad Dashtban

I agree and I think you should improve the forum system and add features like RTL


please help us

we need to write our topics in persian, so we need RTL suppurt in related TextArea.

tanks alot

admins, please add the RTL feature.

When you go to the Persian forum - http://www.yiiframew…rum/41-persian/

Take a look a bit down there is the text "Forum Led By", there you can see that @Ali Borjian is the moderator…

Thank you I haven’t noticed that , the main issue that I opened this topic is ‘The RTL Support’ ,is there any chance to add RTL support in editor tags , therefore users can insert RTL formatted text correctly?

thanks bamdad for contributing too much in persian section . i think rtl support is important specially if forum users need to use arabic,Persian or Hebrew

see if it is useful


the WYSIWYG is good, and i’ll explain what we mean and where the problem appear :

when we use the BBCode

[right]  .....  [ /right]

and mixing RTL words with LTR (for example: Arabic with English words) then the words order flipped !!

to be more clear … the sentence should appear like this:

( ArabicWord1 EnglishWord ArabicWord2)

instead of

( ArabicWord2 EnglishWord ArabicWord1)

this is really confusing when writing new Topic or replaying !!

the solution is really simple.

the BBCode used in RTL (Align Right) will end up with the following HTML/CSS class:

<span class="bbc_right">

	Bla Bla Bla..


with specific CSS:

div.bbc_right {

	display: block;

	text-align: right;


the solution is to add direction property :

direction: rtl;

to be like this:

div.bbc_right {

	display: block;

	text-align: right;

	direction: rtl;


this will help us a lot at this point to write in our languages freely.

Note: i already tested the above solution in Firebug and it is working.

thank you all :)

Problem is that we would like this option to be available only to certain forum… not all…

And the solution would need to be as simple as possible because of future forum software updates…

first thanks for your concern :rolleyes:

the good news is the property :

direction: rtl;

is all we need !! and it will not affect any LTR Language when use the BBCode (Align Right),

and there is no need to make any exceptions for any languages or forums.

this problem is common in any RTL language and will not appear in any cases except when mixing RTL with LTR and vise versa … and the above solution will do the trick.

you can do a heavy testing for this solution before apply it, to make sure it will not affect any other part of the whole forum (and also site).

you can do a quick demonstration and test for this problem at :


(you can put any arabic word in the middle of the text and see the deferent between rtl and ltr)


thanks :)

We are waiting for new version. Thx

We added the BBcode for this…

[rtl] some text [/rtl]

Please test it and let me know if it solves your problem.

yes the new BBcode worked for me.

and adding icons in the editor is more efficient and handy specially for new members.

just like TinyMCE and CKEditor. :rolleyes:

It works for me too, Thank you for your support.

And Cleditor?