Forum post linking

When I click through from a search result or click on a link in a post to another post, I always get dumped onto the forums main page instead of taken to that post. This is happening both in Firefox 3.5 and IE 8.


If I clicked on this link,3320.msg18133.html#msg18133

I would end up here:

I tried to search to see if anyone else is having this problem but, of course, I couldn’t get to any of my search results. :(

i have the same on safari

some links would also show as

<a href="http://www.yiiframew...index.php/">http://www.yiiframew...index.php/ </a>

This happened when the forum system was changed. The problem is not browser dependent… I’ll create a ticket for this. Thanks for noticing the search was down…

Use the built-in search functionality as long as we’re working on the new site. Thanks for pointing out.