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I apologise to everybody for posting to this thread a problem which is not relevant. My comment is addressed to Zaccaria whose help I am seeking for a problem with ztabularinputmanager. Zaccaria, can you please help me. I have used the 1st version of ztabularinputmanager successfully. I tried afterwards the js version but I am having some problem to run it. If you can help, I’ll start a new topic on it. Please let me know. Thanks

Just start a topic

Then don’t do it, mate!

Wow! That was rude!!

Thanks Zaccaria,

I had already started a topic but nobody answered :(

Here is the [topic=36086]link[/topic]

I increased your warning level considerably Jimlam.

What you are doing is unacceptable.

I don’t think I need to spell that out, do I?

So, Jimlam sent me a PM asking what he did wrong.

And I answered.

Copy of that is quoted below:

Since this topic is hi-jacked already, feel free to add your points of view regarding forum etiquette. :)

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