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Finally releasing the new Yiiframework.com website


We are very happy to announce that the new yiiframework.com website is finally ready for deployment.

A huge thanks to Сергей Хильков (eshill) for his design work, to Jacob Moen and Nikola Trifunović for the countless hours spent on tweaking the frontend code and doing pages markup. Thanks to prodex, Robert Korulczyk and other contributors for fixes and additions.

We are going to switch to the new website on March 23, 2018 in the time frame 8:00 to 12:00 UTC. During the switch, you will not be able to write comments, wikis, forum entries etc. Also the documentation may not be available. You can use http://stuff.cebe.cc/yii2docs/ to view the documentation.

Read more about the new site in the news announcement.

(Softark) #2

Wow, great! Many thanks to those made this great accomplishment.

(Shivcharan Panjeta) #3

Good but I liked the White background. Hope it would come back

(Alirz23) #4

great news have been waiting for long time

(Baldiri) #5


awesome, nice Job!!!

(Manu34) #6

very nice indeed !! Excellent job and nice looking website !!

(Jacob Moen) #7

Install GreaseMonkey or similar and bring it back, on your machine

(Jacob Moen) #8

I am so happy to see the new Yii website live!

Great job, guys and gals!

(Andrew) #9


great work! Congrats! :) Does sending a private message work for you guys? I mean “Send me a message” present on a profile page. For me it just shows an empty popup. For sure worked before.

(Vojtech Horak) #10

Awesome job! Thank you to all the contributors!

(Softark) #11

I’ve just tested it and confirmed the issue. It didn’t work for me either.

And I noticed that the editing of a past post work only with the full editor.

[EDIT] “Save Changes” doesn’t work. It just shows “Loading …”.

You have to switch to "Full Editor" and "Submit Modified Post".

(Smarcin777) #12

Really great work . Well done !

(Schanz15) #13

Great overhaul!

I wounder how to generate the docs/API for offline usage with the new design?!

The offline HTML version is still having the old look (as when building with yii2-apidoc)

(Alexander Makarov) #14

You currently can’t generate offline docs with new design.

(Alexander Makarov) #15

Forum issues are because http/https inconsistencies.

(Johnsakh) #16

The source code of the new yiiframework.com using Yii2 is open source, will source code of old website using yii 1.x be open sourced? i think it will be useful for historical and learning purpose.

(Alexander Makarov) #17

No. Old website source won’t be opened.


We have a new forum now, so all forum issues should be solved. If not, please report in #site-feedback!

Replacing the forum software, moving to Discourse

(Steven Brown) #19

Its really great news.