Replacing the forum software, moving to Discourse

A few month ago we have replaced the old Yii Framework website with a rewritten version in Yii 2.

While developing the new site, we also discussed the replacement of the old IPB forum software with a more modern solution, but replacing the forum together with the site would have been too much work to do at once.

From a long discussion, which started already a few years ago, we have now evaluated different forum software and decided to go with Discourse, which is an open source
forum software made by the people who created also StackOverflow. We are going to replace the old forum
with a Discourse instance starting tomorrow (September 4, 2018).

Here is a list of things that are going to change:

  • User accounts will be managed by the website, there is no duplicate login as we have it now, and all users are signed in to the forum via SSO.

  • Forum categories, topics and posts are migrated from the old forum, so no content will be lost (we might re-arrange the categories though).

  • Links from the old forum should all be redirected to the new location. If you hit broken links, please report those to us!

  • Watched topics and watched forums are not going to be migrated, so if you want to get notified about new posts, make sure to visit the new forum and configure your notification settings as well as update watched topics.

  • User badges on the website do not include the forum posts anymore, instead we are using the Badge system by Discourse, which has a lot more badges than we had before.

  • Discourse allows you to configure it to behave like a mailing list, so if you prefer to take part in Yii discussions from your email client, you can do that now.

In case you have problems logging in to the new forum, please use the Contact form or Chat to get help.

See also the news announcement about this change.


And we are done. Successfully migrated all data to the new forum!

Let’s get the discussion started again!

If you want to know more about how this worked:


27 hours :crazy_face:

I am fairly certain that it is going to give the Yii community a welcome lift.

Thank you for doing it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



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Btw, we have a :yii: emoij :wink:



Cool! And support dark theme! :heart: :yii:

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awesome :yii::yii: :yii:

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great feature for the forum. I like it. :+1:


I look forward to browsing the forums for interesting ideas and fixes for issues that I may have, I have high hopes for the Yii framework. :slight_smile:


Well don. Hope its better than IPB. I see many OSS moving to Discourse.
:yii: :yii: :tanzania:

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Thx for update forum CMS, this is a greatfull community for obteined knowledge in Yii Framework! :venezuela:


okay :yii: 2

i like it :yii::yii::yii::yii::yii::yii::yii:
:venezuela: arriba Venezuela

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