Favorite Words

My favorite is KISS.

You can select multiple choices.

Let me know if you have other choices to add. :)

Elegance :D


It’s not called ‘fucking’ manual, it’s called ‘friendly’ manual - in RTFM.

Sorry for my French… ;)

your french is just fine Jacmoe :D

POOP = PHP Object Oriented Programming ;D

My personal Yii mascot


Though I selected KISS and DRY.

I’m not very sure if OOP and POOP are different things. Anyway I added it on the list.

POOP? hehehehe

I don’t know why, but WYSIWYG sounds sweet for me.

I would add PICNIC [sup][11][/sup] ("Problem in Chair, Not in Computer").

Nice. :D



I like WYSIWYG - though sometimes it is WYSIWYCHNT (What You See Is Why You Can’t Have Nice Things) that’s what always goes through my head anyway. I also like FIFO and FILO but I haven’t heard them used in a while (first in first out, first in last out)

Well, I didn’t notice that some of you say “What You See Is What You Get” for the meaning of “You reap what you sow”.

But, yeah, I have to agree. :D

There are a lot of good words in Bullshit Bingo game.

Here’s the random generator: http://www.bullshitbingo.net/cards/bullshit/

Thanks, I enjoyed the links.


Kiss and Dry.