I am using Jappendo extension LINK DEMO

hi all i am getting result in array format http://pastebin.com/NQDKmQ7k if i add echo model->enum_name; i am getting "array" as the value and not the value … Please let me know how do i get the actual value enum_name[0] displayed in the form

I had to troubleshoot this problem by explicitly assigning each of the array values to my model instances (remember, each array index will require its own model object to assign to)


//Get the number of models you will be working with

$maxRows = count($_POST['enum_name']);

            //for each form table row, iterate through and store valid model rows in $mymodels

            for ($i = 0; $i <= $maxRows; $i++)


                //rudimentary validation - just check if there's something there, then create a model with new values



                    $tmpMyModel = new MyModelClass();

                    //Set variables based on form input - make sure all necessary fields are present before saving

                    $tmpMyModel->enum_name = $_POST['enum_name'][$i];


                        //What do you want to do with the model?  How about just save it?



                    else {

                        print_r("DOES NOT VALIDATE");




i want to ask about the extentions of jQuery, especially in Yii framework. i got some stuck on this code :

jQuery("#repeateEnum").appendo is not a function

this code is triggered from both of this code :

<table class="appendo-gii" id="<?php echo $id ?>"> <thead> <tr> </tr> </thead>

 <?php $this->widget('application.extensions.appendo.JAppendo',array( 'id' => 'repeateEnum', 'model' => $model,.. ?>

besides, i think there’s something wrong at code :



It helps when the Id was auto_increment, but it doesn’t work at else.

Could you give a solution for this case?

Thanks a lot