[EXTENSION] Full Featured CMS

This is the support topic for Full featured cms extension that can be found here:


I think that you uploaded wrong file on google code, but maybe I am wrong, I didn’t have time to install it. It look like ticket system, not CMS.

Great job: thanks for sharing it!

I checked out sources and installed the application. After fixing some small errors on sql scripts it seems to works fine.

The only issue I have is that I can’t find how to manage forums.

You manage it through the admin. You can only manage the posts and replies not the actual forum, as the forum has only one location where you can post topics.

What I mean is that there is not a forum section in the admin menu, nor links on the frontend forum pages.

You can only manage comments, if you’re the admin go to the forum post a topic and then a reply you’ll be able to view a delete and hide buttons in the forum itself next to each topic and reply.

Yep, I downloaded the files and it’s the bug tracker. :(

Can you check it Vince?

Thank you.

Hey, Sorry about that.



Fatal error: Call to a member function createCommand() on a non-object in /home/dml/www/yiicoilcms/protected/components/CustomUrlManager.php on line 19

I know it is the database not right.

Thank you for share it

/admin is error


Sorry, You are not allowed to enter this section.

and login show error


Facebook needs the CURL PHP extension

What license are you using for this extension?

Are we able to use the code and modify it?



Would you be interested in working with us Vince? We have some great ideas but no yii coders yet.

Great work so far, this looks very promising.

Doing what?

Can you debug the import SQL script: protected/data/schema.sql I got the following errors and am not shure how you intended the database.


#1170. BLOB/TEXT column ‘alias’ used in key specification without a key length

#1067 - Invalid default value for ‘postid’

You can just open that file and correct those errors. Add a length to the alias column and add default value of 0 to the postid

I will just pm you if you don’t mind?


But just giving you heads up that i probably wont have the time to put into another project.