[Extension] Bbii Forum

This is the support thread for BBii, a module that adds a fully functional forum (a.k.a. bulletin board) to a Yii 1.1 application.

Forum extension page.

On the todo-list of this module are: vote post one up, polls, moderator mail, topic subscription, theming and more configuration options.

Hopefully there will be more translations, but for that I will need your help. When you have made a new translation for this module please share it with this community.

Extremely nice extension!

I noticed a small bug: quoting a msg that has a "change reason" copies that change reason too.

Thanks. I will look into it.

Update: version 0.3a contains a bugfix for this.

BBii version 0.6 has added post upvoting to the module. B)

Oh, and the manual has been updated.

BBii version 0.7 has added polls to the module.

Hi, nice extension!

I fixed small bugs in pool…

  1. ForumController.php => actionVote => BBiiChoice => BbiiChoice

  2. _pollChoise.php => line 9 => choice[’.$data->id.’] => choice[]

And problem in to last nav post… Here:

bbii.doprogramsdream.nl/index.php?r=forum/forum/topic&id=3&nav=last => this is not last page of forum


Thanks for taking the time to report these. I will fix it in the next version ( 0.8 ).

Has anyone config the forum with YUM (yii user management) module? I can’t seem to get it to work

I am using them together on my current project without problems. What error are you getting when trying to combine them?

There’s a security flaw where any user can update anyones elses posts/topics/polls as there’s no access checks within the action

Thanks for reporting that bug. Version 0.81 solves these problems.

Not yet, but it is not too difficult to add this functionality. I will consider adding this to the next update of the module. In fact, I am sure I will add it to version 0.9, which is scheduled to be released this weekend.


i am using version 0.9.

forum/setting/layout triggers CException: Property BbiiForum.membergroup_id not defined.

According to BbiiForum model file description

* @property integer $membergroup_id

$membergroup_id is a column in the database. This is however not the case.

Furthermore the following lines in BbiiModule.php init function break the translation of the rest of my app (menues, etc) as long as i am browsing within the /forum module:

'messages' => array(




These lines disabled and

Yii::t('bbii' ...

replaced by

Yii::t('BbiiModule.bbii' ...

make translations work again.


First of all, thanks for reporting these.

About, the membergroup_id. I forgot to add it to the installation. You can run the update to version 0.9 or add the field to your database table by hand. Sorry for that mistake.

I will look into the translation issue and follow your advice.

Thanks for reporting this bug. It should indeed have been ‘sendfrom’. Actually the condition should have been:

$criteria->condition = 'outbox = 1 and sendfrom = '. Yii::app()->user->id;

As for your question:

Login as admin. Go to the forum settings and select the Moderators tab.

The BBii Manual (on page 12) tells you:

"Members of the forum can be assigned moderator authorization by setting the moderator checkbox. Members that have moderation authorization by assigning the rbac role moderator to them are highlighted on the list of the Moderators page, but their checkboxes are not necessarily set and they cannot be found by filtering the moderators of the list."

When you use rbac, you can create a "moderator" role and assign it to the user.

Hello thanks for the awesome module.

I have a problem where it is displaying -1 guests and 1 active user ( or -2 guests and 2 active users ect) on the board statistics page. Any idea why its inaccurate?

In view forum/_footer.php the number of guests is calculated from:

$present = BbiiSession::model()->present()->count();

$members = BbiiMember::model()->present()->count();

$present should always be greater or equal to $members.

In the function beforeControllerAction() of the script BbiiModule.php the bbii_session record is inserted or last_visit is updated.

My guess is that something goes wrong there. Maybe an MySQL authorisation issue on the table bbii_session?

After a little of fiddling around I couldn’t figure it out. Although my website required a user account to see the forum. So i just edited out the guest part in the footer. Thanks for the quick reply.


I just want to congratulate the Author/s of this plugin ,I am integrating it into a support site for my company and it works well.

I had some minor troubles integrating kcfinder for image uploads ,however that has been sorted.

I cannot think of many feature requests ,however it would be nice if forum categories could minimize/maximize on title select.

Once again however this is a great plugin ,thank you very much.