Everhour Private Alpha

Hey gents,

Does anyone track his/her time? Are you interested to try something else?

We have launched private beta of our internal tool a few days ago and now listening feedback. So far so good but would like to collect more reviews.

Signup at http://alpha.everhour.com/signup

Code - yiifolks

Our twitter for instant updates.



Overall it’s a nice implementation and feature set is pretty good. Found no major issues. Nowadays I’m not tracking time but in the past I’ve used https://www.toggl.com/ and Assembla.

Very nice and clean user interface. Well done!

Btw: One small detail that I noticed, is that when you verify the email address, there is no visual indication that the email is, in fact, verified. You are just taken to the start page with an left wondering what happened.


Thanks for your feedback. Yeah, we should let user know that the email been successfully verified.