Eu Cookie Law Compliance

Hi everyone,

Also the Dutch law has meet up to comply with EU law, since June of this year. Therefore I have to think about how implement this into websites/-apps I work on. I was hoping there would be an overall standard solution perhaps… Because a standard would be recognized easily by visitor’s and hopefully also embraced as an non-intrusive object on a website.

There are a few solutions already:

Does anyone have some experience with one of the mentioned solutions? Or do you know another one? What is your experience?

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Ametad (Dutch)

I am going to use the first solution - Civicuk - haven’t gotten around to doing it yet.

It seems fairly unobtrusive. :)

Indeed, it seems nice and quiet.

There’s an extension for that (Yii1), developed by one of our fellow forum users (Bizley).

here you can download a jquery plugin that shows a message about the cookies