Eclipse and YII

Can we integrate Eclipse IDE with YII framework , so that we can easily code with yii. or is any other IDE has YII plugin?


I’ve been using Netbeans (latest version) with good results for Yii code completion


I stopped using Eclipse yesterday, I use Netbeans now. Eclipse is just too slooooow.

Netbeans is like the Google Chrome of IDEs. B)

You just include yii framework directory in “PHP include Path” by clicking “adding external source folder…” in your project’s property. it works fine.

I’ve just installed Eclipse last version (3.5 Helios - php edition) and it works fine. Code completion is ok and with the Remote System Explorer you can reach (ftp/sftp)) your server with no problem. Missing feature : folder synchronization (but there maybe be a plugin out there…still searching).


Yup, Eclipse === Slow

Netbeans is excellent. Tried everything out there and nothing compares imo.

I love eclipse, it slow… but only at start, at least for me, once it is fully open it work like charm.

Ive tried other IDEs like NetBeans and some text editors like TextMate, but I haven’t found anything so complete like Eclipse yet, if it has something missing there is always an extension you can download to get that functionality, and once you configure your code templates to fit your needs you’ll be coding non-stop. learn the key sortcuts and… jesus…

pd: I see vim people

I use NetBeans. Does anyone know the shortcut to select a code block, from { to } in netbeans?

i use eclipse (well… kinda… i use zend studio).

if you want autocompletion for Yii just import inside the project the yii framework directory and that’s it.

i tried netbeans more times, i really can’t get to like it, but the one thing i hate the most is that when one of my colleagues pass me a files he wrote using netbeans the whole tabulations is a complete mess (and i hate the fact that you guys turn tabs into spaces)

Every detail of indentation can be configured (globally or per-project) so it’s not Netbeans’ fault :)

i know that phtamas, problem is my colleagues like it the way it is and don’t care XD

mine was more a rant actually XD

am coding in Yii and trying to figure out whether i shud go with Eclipse or Netbeans. from the posts so far, it seems Netbeans is the way to go.

I’ve got a pretty sweet dev machine and I like using eclipse… no problems re speed… can’t bring myself to spend much time learning another IDE, so I can’t comment on Netbeans myself. I have even put Eclipse on my netbook (2gb ram) and it performs OK, but wouldn’t want to do it all the time…

Using YiiClpse. It’s an Eclipse PDT extension for Yii. :)

I couldn’t install the extension on ZendStudio. Anyone succeeded trying to do that?

Really nice stuff. thanks.

Quick question: I have used Eclipse for 6 years, is NetBeans totally different IDE or I should have no problems migrating to it?

No, it is very similar, and you will get to use it fast. If you used Eclipse for long time, just stick with it. I used both, any it is hard to say which one is better, both have their pros and cons.

I think Aptana (stand-alone) is better than Eclipse - that is: if you want to program the web (and not C++ or Java). :)

In PHPStorm you can just add Yii as an external library, I would imagine the same holds true for Eclipse(and Netbeans).