domain name patents?

konichiwa minna~

i want buy a domain, let say “” (it’s available!)

yes, you are right it’s use “yahoo” word.

the question is, it’s okay for use “yahoo” word in my domain?

is concren on "yahoo" patents?

if i bought the domain, wil will ask me to remove yahoo word from the domain because its already that company patent?

Thank you…

I may try to send question to Yahoo directly here.

There are more defiant domains which work: :lol: and others got sued for having book in there name:

@All : thanks for the answer

@Alexander Radionov : if i ask, i think the answer will be clear, "you cannot…", but i want to know the rule about it, if i buy the domain and got sued, is mydomain will be shutdown/terminate from somewhere?

@andy_s : hahaa thats funny… but all the information about the company is hidden.

@Y!! : the first time i hear about it, Lamebook vs Facebook, and there is FaceTime from apple

i think i will just buy that domain, and see what happen when i got hit 1000 visit per day and that shoot to yahoo ears ;D

nb : 1000 visit? it’s still a long way… :D