Does Yii Contribute To Lower Quality Apps Vs Zend?


I am exploring Yii and Zend. I came across an article, written approximately 2 years ago where the author writes that apps using Yii may contribute "to lower quality apps".

Link To Article: (being new poster cannot publish a clickable link, sorry)

Further, it describes the author’s experience with two applications, one written in Yii, and one in Zend. Both apps are of similar complexity and have about 50 database tables. However, app complexity is different, in part due to automatic code generation with Gii. Quote: “The Zend app has 15-20 models, the Yii app has 50+.”

Without knowing either of the frameworks intimately at this time, my sentiment seems to be that Yii makes it simple to use automatic code generation for tables, and therefore programmers get lazy and receive simple yet multiple models that end up cluttering and complicating the architecture and business logic (i.e. 50 models is a whole lot more to keep track off, compared to 15).

My question: can you still build complex, proper, intelligently designed logic models in Yii, (perhaps without using Gii or perhaps using Gii in smarter ways), so that your models are complex enough and are not tied to validation of individual table fields or individual tables, and most importantly so that you don’t end up with 50 models when you say need 5, even if you do have 50 tables? I am looking for a good rebuttal to the article’s main points in regards to Yii, most of which I summarized here in this post.

Author of the post you’ve linked to states at the very end of the post that states about Yii app that he likes. I assume that includes a certain model style he was referring to.

So overall you can do anything you want with Yii. It doesn’t limit you how you’re defining your business layer.