divina4ulove2@yahoo.co.uk SPAM

divina4ulove2@yahoo.co.uk is spamming private messages over the forum, how can we prevent this?



I’d just use one of the many traditional (Hungarian) punishing methods:

Do you think it’s harsh? I don’t think so …



:D You reminded me that a hungarian friend of our family once gave me a book with hungarian fairies. As i child i was scared and excited at the same time. The stories where cruel but cool. But i still wonder what “pagan Koppany” means ;)

Sorry for being OT…

Koppany is just a name. And pagan means non-believer :)


Thanks for clearing this up. :)

So back to topic now …

I just received a spam from http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php?/user/2540-pro/ <promisemelove1@yahoo.co.uk>.

Is IPB spammed?

Yes, forum captcha is not the best guard to protect our sensitive environment.

So, as a result, I had to equip my double-edged stainless antispam sword with extra damage and add-on black magic only to cut those cursed ones into four pieces.

Or, if you like this more, I banned most of them.

Add some criticals and a overtime damage effect and the sword will do the job, we can still banning users until you have completed it =}