Design Cv App

Hi everyone,

I’m fairly new to yii framework, but I know some basics.

I’m developing a CV app that manages CVs (1 CV per user).

I have the folowing tables:

  • cv (basic info)

    – education (where the person studied)

    – publications (publications of a cv)

    – activities

    – etc (more parts of a cv)

  • user

So a User has one CV, and a CV has some basic info, and some education, publication and activities fields.

I generated the models (the relations generated are okay), so I can access education, publications, etc in my cv model.

However I want to be able to have CRUD to education, publications, etc. In other words, I want to create publications and activities but associate a publication to a specific CV. It means, activities, publications, etc belongs to a specific cv, and can only be seen, created, edited, in context of some cv.

Another thing, a cv can only be seen by the owner of that cv, that means a user can only see his own cv.

So concluding,

  • how do I assure that some publication, etc I create belongs to that specific CV?

  • how can a user just see hiw own cv? (and all his fields: -basic info, -publications (only his publications), etc)


Hi zrac,

I suggest you take a look at "Web Application Development with Yii and PHP" by Jeffrey Winesett.

I think that you’ll find that the TrackStar application described in this book has much in common with the application you are making.


Thank you.

Actually I’m reading the book.

I guess my answer may be in chapter 8. The book must explain there how can some items only be seen by some users.