Delgate Website Cleaning

Hi Togehter!

First I love Yii and seeing Yii2 coming up ensures me I use the right PHP Framework!

As I know the core developers are busy with getting the RC done. I still think you should delegate work to take care of this webpage.

On the startpage you mention 3 projects as “reference” -> still works, Chive is “dead” and piclyf too… I think that’s not really representative!

Design is always a point people talk about… I’m not… Of course it could be changed, modernized or whatever… But I think the content issue is much more relevant.

Yii is great and Yii2 is/will be great too! So delegate the cleaning;)

Yeah, it should be cleaned up but I’m not sure it worth doing now since website redesign / reimplementation on Yii 2.0 is planned. As for projects, I’m even keeping a list to put some of these to front page one day:

Also need to privacy like Stackoverflow. so members can’t post any garbage data. like in most cases new members post their issues on wiki section.