DClassifieds Version 2.0 beta (free open source classifieds script)

Front End Demo : http://dclassifieds.eu/demo2/

Back End Demo : http://dclassifieds.eu/demo2/admin

Download : http://code.google.com/p/dclassifieds-free-php-classifieds-script/downloads/detail?name=dclassifieds_v2.0b.rar&can=2&q=#makechanges

New Futures :

  1. Installer Script

  2. Classfieds edit

  3. Vimeo, Youtube, Google Map integration

  4. New fields on classifieds publish

and many more.

Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

Nice work !!great!!! :rolleyes:

if the script provide upload category icon funciton and display icon in index page is better.

parent category pic: 200x50 px

child category icon : 16x16 px

move the code to github… will be easy to contribute ;)


Nice work.

Have a plan to share code and database !!


he posted a link => Download : code.google.c…&q=#makechanges

but if move to github instead of google code, become easy to contribute and make even better.


This is good one man … Thanks for sharing your hard work


Final version is now ready for download :


thanks for sharing :lol:

support!!! :P

i cant access the admin page… i install Dclassified on my localhost, but when i browse it only frontpage show but the admin page i cant access, localhost/my site name/admin.php.

Will download!

Looking forward to what this can do!

Thanks for giving back to the community!

There is no admin.php, just go to http://yoursite/admin

note: MCrypt Extension is necessary

Is there any possiblity of a dual license?

GPLv3 + BSD?

Ok, after getting mcrypt installed on 10.7.3 everything else went fine except for:

CWebUser.allowAutoLogin must be set true in order to use cookie-based authentication.


Open Flash Chart


Loading test data

Error #2032

This is the URL that I tried to open:../data-files/area-point-objects.txt

Hi SapporoGuy, thank you for submitting these bugs.

For the licenses with dclassifieds you can do what you want but i’m not sure for external components. Please read their licenses.

About the open flash chart error : this is because there are no published classifieds yet. Pulish some, and the chart will be ok.

About the admin login, fix will be released soon, in the meanwhile you can download this file from svn :


or just add line 40 to your current installation.


fix is released, you can download it.

Nice job man!!!! ^^

great thanks for this script. any other script made in yii, like forum, gallery, cms thanks… :)

Hi bobbydigital,

First of all, congratulations for your project. I have a suggestion:

Why don’t you add a login/register section and add for example a user area which the user can check out their ads and maybe something else.

Thank you!

hi ,

My email link is not invoking editStep1 and Delete action controller. basically that page does not appear and throws internal server error.

view your add link works …

iam using dclassifieds v2 final …on redhat server

What can be issue.

Necessary that every ad would have statistics, how many times ad was read. For example:

Ad was read x times.

(sorry for my English)

App is great, good luck to develop this :)

I`m have translation to lihuanian language, but cant attach this file to this post.