Crud & Model Generator vs Module Generator?

Still learning the framework and I am unsure as to then one should use Crud & Model Generator (protect/controllers, protect/models, protect/view) as oppose to when one should use Module Generator (protect/modules/…).

Is there some sort of guideline or recommendation that says use Crud & Model Generator when doing this and use Module Generator when doing that? Anyone with some useful tips?

you should create a module just whenever you really mean to create a module.

a module should be a stand alone application that you may want to use in many others.

a blog can be a nice example of it.

a blog is made of many views, controllers and models that you may want to use in many websites, so it should be a module.

Follow nickcv and read the guide:

The "Fundamentals" section will get you started. Then you will know when to use modules – and thus generate them.

Bonus: check giix out :)