Cookbook improvements so we won't get boiled!

Tutorials are very handy when it comes to understanding Yii and sharing snippets! There are nearly 50 tutorials written already, so it’s getting a bit more difficult to keep up to date with them.

Here’s my list of suggestions, it looks more like a personal wishlist, although many developers may find these useful.

  • RSS feed

  • Categories (or even better: tags)

  • Ability to order by uploader, creation time (so all the infos might be put into CSort :P )

  • Showing the appropriate tutorials in the documentation (guide, api). Tutorials can also link to each other.

I know, implementing these features won’t get #1 priority, but they should be considered. It would have great impact on the community growing around Yii.

Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, we will improve the cookbook when time allows. The RSS feed (cookbook included) is already there if you check the homepage of this website.