ContactFormTest not creating testing_message.eml (advanced template)

When executing a ‘codecept run’ on the frontend tests of the advanced project, I’m encountering an exception in the ContactFormTest file (frontend/unit/models/) complaining about testing_message.eml not being found (ln 42). I’ve tried stepping through the debugger and found that the problem stems from the mailer defaulting to the Codeception\Lib\Connector\Yii2\TestMailer class to save messages instead of the yii\switfmailer\Mailer class (which is used by other tests within the same folder). I’ve verified that my config has ‘useFileTransport’ enabled along with ‘yii\swiftmailer\Mailer’ defined within my main-local config file, so in theory all of the test should be using the proper mailer class to save emails to the filesystem. The runtime/mail folder does exist and is writable as well, so filesystem issues are ruled out.

Anyone have an idea why this one test is behaving differently while the other tests are working properly?

Attached is a screenshot of my recent test run. I am using v2.0.9. Thanks.