Configurable PHP documentor plugin for VIM

For the vim users among us: I’ve created a configurable standalone version of Tobias Schlitts PHP Documentor for VIM (PDV). This is a plugin that makes it easy to generate phpDocumentor like code tags. I forked this project due to some issues i had with the original plugin:[left]

[/left] * Tobias included the PDV now into his VIP project (VIM ingtration for PHP), but i don’t need the other stuff there

  • I use vundle to manage my vim plugins, so i wanted a git repo

  • Tobias original version was not configurable from .vimrc

If you’re interested, check it out here :


Now we only need one for Emacs. :)

Or more users converting from Emacs to VIM (Oh no, i’ve started a flame war … ;) ).

Nah - Emacs beats VIM at VimGolf… ;)

installed and got it working :) looks good