Completely off topic

Hi all,

Like everyone here, I have a life outside of my programming. I’m an avid musician and I recently uploaded a song I wrote to YouTube.

If you need a break, why not check it out.


doodle (aka Jeff)

dear jeff, i saw your two video on youtube and downloaded them as mp3 because it is amazing ,specially flowers.

I know the song, "Where have all the flowers gone?" Yeah, I sang it with my friends when I was a cute boy in late teen. (You may guess my age.) After all those years, the late 60s are still very special to me.

Now, this is my turn.

棚田の里 岩座神

Never mind if you don’t read Japanese. Just see the landscape and the people. This is where I live.

Yeah, those were the days :)

BTW, you are a good flute player and singer, doodle. The band sounds great too.

/Tommy (bass player)

Thank you for your positive feedback!

@softark - I really enjoyed your video, very relaxing and it was wonderful to see all of the people working together and happy. Did you compose the music?

There is one more video I uploaded about a year ago with some beautiful wilderness images from where I live, you can see it here.

@bipu - I am flattered that you wanted to listen to the music as an mp3 - enjoy!

@tri - Do you still play bass? I just started playing bass a year ago, it’s a blast!

Thanks again,


No, the video and its music is not of my product. I love music, but I don’t play any instrument. I envy both of you, Jeff and Tommy.

And, yeah, Nova Scotia! How I want to visit there.